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Training is obviously an important part of any officials association. The old ACU&S is no more and has been replaced by a new body, the ECB Association of Cricket Officials. This body, based in England, provides the training materials and examinations for umpires and scorers.

Cricket Scotland is fully supportive of the training of officials and has agreed to underwrite the costs involved. They recognise that we need to train new umpires to replace those who retire and hopefully to increase the total number of those officiating. 

The intention is to run a number of courses over the 2014-15 winter break.

Level 1

This is the main course for those who want to umpire on a Saturday afternoon. It will cover everything in the laws concerning a one day game and there will be lots of examples of field craft and how to deal with potential situations which could arise on the field.

The course lasts about 16 hours and there is an exam at the end. The exam has 80 multi-choice questions and the pass mark is 80%. This winter Bill McPate will run the course in Glasgow on Thursday evenings starting on 29th January 2015 and lasting for 8 weeks (see below). The course is free and Cricket Scotland will pay for the first year's membership of ECB ACO which anyone who wishes to take the Level 1 exam must take out.

Glasgow Training Dates

The Glasgow training course will be held at Clydesdale Cricket Club, Titwood starting on Thursday 29th January 2015 and lasting for eight weeks. The first 6 weeks of the course will cover the laws of the game with the 7th evening devoted to revision points and a mcok exam and the last (19th March) to the Exam. Each evening's instruction will start at 7.30pm. Anyone wishing to attend this course should register with Billy McPate, the Course Instructor, at billy.mcpate@virginmedia.com. The full syllabus of the course can be found here.

Edinburgh Training Dates

To be advised

TaysideTraining Dates

To be advised

Introductory Course

To be advised


A correspondence course is available for scorers to take and it is possible that a course may also be arranged if there is sufficient demand. In the first place, you should register your interest in such courses with Ken Nisbet at ken@nisbetk.fsnet.co.uk.

Continuing Education

Cricket Scotland also have a commitment to fund the continuing education of umpires and scorers.

We will update this site as more information becomes available. Meanwhile if you have any queries please contact Sandy Scotland at scotlandsa@yahoo.co.uk or 0131 551 2663.

Sandy Scotland